Destination Wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a destination wedding right for us?

A destination wedding is a cost effective way to celebrate this very special time with family and friends.

How far in advance should I plan my destination wedding?

This generally depends on the destination you are looking at, a more extravagant and exotic affair will take more planning than a Caribbean resort. Keep in mind that the more notice that your friends and family have the more likely they will be able to attend. We generally recommend to start planning at least a year in advance.

Do I still need a wedding planner?

With your destination wedding you will get two planners! You will have us here and a planner in destination. We will all work together to make sure everything runs perfectly.

How do we decide between a legal or symbolic ceremony?

This really has to be a personal decision. The destination that you choose can definitely play a role in the decision, however, we can generally arrange a legal ceremony in almost any country. You would just have to be prepared to fulfil the requirements and paperwork needed.

If I have a symbolic ceremony will my guests know?

Only if you tell them! A symbolic ceremony will appear just like a regular wedding ceremony and your guest will be having such a good time enjoying themselves that the thought will never cross their minds.

What if we need a religious ceremony?

Many resorts are becoming specialist in various religious ceremonies. Contact us with your requirements and we can lead you in the right direction.

How much do you charge?

We don't charge any fees for our services. We get paid through the suppliers and resorts, so our services are free for you. We do offer upgraded packages if you would like extra services and products.

Do we have to pay for everything up front?

Generally you will pay a deposit for the trip and for the wedding arrangements at the resort. Then we can arrange a payment plan that is comfortable for the remainder. 

How do my guests book?

Once you have booked and we have all the details planned we will make a unique website for you. This site will include pictures of you and your fiance, all the details on the destination and your wedding. The website is password protected and on a secure server. Your guests will be able to book right on the site if they wish.

Will you book same sex weddings?

Yes, absolutely we will.