Exotic Wedding Locations

Exotic Destinations

Exotic Wedding Locations

What is the last dream you made come true?

Uniting with another person in a foreign land not only lets you visit the destination is also allows you to return with a part of that land and their culture.

About Exotic Destinations

The world is your oyster! Want something different and exotic that none of your friends have done? Check out some of our unique ideas for your special day to make it truly a time to remember!

Here are some popular suggestions for exotic wedding locations but feel free to contact us about any destination you have in mind.


Thailand, meaning "Land of Smiles", is internationally recognized as one of the most attractive, fun and romantic places in the world to visit. It is a country steeped in wonderful ethnic culture and history, complimented by stunning natural beauty, a comfortable climate, delicious foods and friendly people.  Imagine riding into your wedding on an elephant something you will never forget!



With so many spectacular backdrops from Sydney Opera House to Bondi beach Australia has something to offer anyone. Whether you dream of having a traditional ceremony in the big city or something exotic in the outback we can find the perfect spot for you! Also offering some of the world’s best snorkel and scuba diving on the great barrier reef you can consider an underwater wedding!



African weddings are becoming increasingly popular the world over. This continent has long held a sense of mysticism and magic that enchants and delights people across the globe. The peculiarities of an African wedding with its rich and diverse cultural heritage, Africa is a land where marriage traditions may seem bizarre, romantic, lavish or peculiar. Perhaps even all of these things simultaneously. Perhaps the most unique of all options, the African Safari wedding is something you simply cannot experience anywhere else in the world. Drawing on the mystique of African explorations of a bygone era, an African safari affords the opportunity for visitors to experience the splendours of the African bush and get a feel for the warm hospitality of the people who live on and love the African continent.