Dream Destination Weddings

Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Legal or Civil

A legal wedding in destination is an important must for some couples. We can help you with the requirements and paperwork in your destination of choice. Keep in mind that this option will be more expensive and may require translating of documents and possibly a blood test in destination. A legal wedding can be much easier is some destinations than others, we can also help you find the perfect destination for your legal wedding.


Many couples prefer the ease of a symbolic wedding in destination. A symbolic ceremony will appear exactly the same as a legal ceremony. Couples would have to legally wed in their home country before the symbolic wedding in destination.

Faith Weddings

Religious weddings are becoming more popular in destinations. Many resorts are resorts are becoming quite proficient in catering to the requirements of various religions. We can help by recommending resorts that we know are experienced in offering ceremonies of your faith.

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